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Increase Service Revenue with LubeNinja

  • Did you know that 44% of service departments focus on customer acquisition but only 18% focus on customer retention?
  • The average service department has a retention rate at or below 50%.
  • By creating and selling pre-paid oil change packages to only 5% of your customers, you can increase your customer traffic between 7-11 percent within 24 months!!!
  • See just how much addition revenue you could generate by selling pre-paid oil change packages in your service lane. Simply fill out the information on the right of the page to see how much revenue you’re missing out on.
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Service Center Calculator


Over a 2 year period, with a closing ratio of X% , you can expect an additional X visits/per location generating a total revenue of $XX,XXX for each location with an average ticket of $XX.XX.

  • Based On Your Inputs:
  • # Monthly Oil Changes
  • X% Retention Rate
  • $XX.XX Avg. Ticket Amount
  • X% Closing Ratio
  • X Location(s)
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